Google Earth Browser Plugins Available

Google Lat-Long Official blog has the announcement a new plugins available which for browser based version for Google Earth and embeddable to any websites. Currently, this plugins only work on Windows system and soon Mac and Linux version will be available. Just like as Microsoft Virtual Earth’s, now you can share 3D Google Earth, simply pasting some javacodes on your site.

Turning words from official Lat-long blog, “Our goal is to open up the entire core of Google Earth to developers in
the hopes that you’ll build the next great geo-based 3D application,
and change (yet again) how we view the world.

If you already are one of the 150,000 Maps API sites, and now want to 3D-enable it, we’ve made that possible with just a single line of JavaScript: just add the new G_SATELLITE_3D_MAP map type to your MapsAPI initialization code, and (for most common usages of Maps API) your site will “automagically” support Google Earth via a button in the maps view, with all your existing 2D map code now functioning in 3D as well.

The Google Earth Browser Plugin is now live at Download it, learn from the online Developer Guide and samples, build something cool, and share it with the world!

Google Earth, meet the browser [via google-latlong]

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