Social Network For International Connection

which is one the great social network and where people get meet all over the world and the most easiest way you can get your world wide friends. Google Map will help you to get your country and friends. This social networks main specialty is “users priority and users generated”. Currently, this site supproting three languages: English, Deutsc, Polski. Soon, they will open more options and make it maximum user friendly site.

On the networks, as well as other networks you can create your profiles, share your photos, movies, videos. You have the chance to win iPods or iPhone to referring your friends to this networks. Simply refer your friends and a new opportunity will be open for you.

Turning some words from theworltThe difference between theWorlt and other portal of his type consists in the fact that In creation of the concept of the portal were not engaged either people or companies making portals professionally. We create and develop our portal on the basis of ideas of users all over the world. All functions and contents are designed by our users what is our priority. This in turn means that the future of the portal lies in the hands of our users.


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