Google Changing Bits & Bits


Just recently in’s homepage google changed a bit and they enlarge the signup location and as well they using images for more user attractions. I hope its cool and if you don’t have any accounts you can open a accounts. Another one things, the official gmail updates which is visible in homepage but they removed it. But, it’s cool features and user also love to know more about gmail. Gmail should enabled this options again.

In, when you loged-in you will see they changed the name of Trash and now using Bin. You can compare as a dust-bin. How they insutlting spammers through spammers are shameless and they also love to stay in bin. So, you can also forward a spammer into bin.

Google’s fav icon changed. Just recently Google also changed their fav icon. However, in present fav it’s not so cool but in past fav icon which is cool and great too. I like the past fav icons.

Gmail inbox in your own languages. Also they enabled languages options for gmail users. Go to settings and on General Tab you will get this options. But, I checkout my native languages and found huge wrong translations and I don’t know what types of people involved on that localizations. Google should resolved this problems and otherwise they will lose their user friendliness and has no benefits comes from this updates.


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