Facebook Apps Can Generate To Earn Money

You can earn money through facebook.com. But How? If you have facebook profiles you can add some facebook apps in your profiles. Thousands of friends you have and thousands of money you have. In many way buy selling, referring you can earn money from facebook profiles visiting. Huge people earning money to using this apps on their profile pages.

CafePress – Simple sell through the use of your profiles and store any products. Your visitor can like and buy from it.

eBay – The most popular site and you can sell eBay’s products through the using of Facebook Apps. And as well as you can earn money or get some commissions.


FlameTunes – By selling music from your profiles you can earn money. What you should do? Signup and start to sell and earn money.


ClixCash – A facebook apps for make money from profiles. If you refer any of your friends, whatever he earns, you will get 10% from him/her’s income.


PayPerPost – A well known money making affiliates which has enabled on facebook. Simple by reffering, if anybody signup on payperpost you will start to earn money.


My Merch Store – Create your products with Zazzle Apps and then start to sell and start to earn money and that should be via facebook profiles.

Make Money — Cash For Free – This application lets you get free cash in exchange for completing surveys and offers.

9 Facebook Applications To Make You Money [via mashable]

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