PageOnce – Secured Personal Web Assistant


What are you doing? You have blogs, musics, movies, sports, news, photos, weather and internet, montly bills, bank accounts, stocks and much more works within a day. And doing all of your works on internet. But, its tough to do the works from different sites and sometimes its boring to log-in in different sites.

Pageonce which is the first Personal Internet Assistant and solve out all of your problems from one place. The site is secured and work just like as your assistant. In a word :-

“Pageonce is a smart and secure way to manage everything that matters to you in one place, instantly.”

Pageonce – the free Personal Internet Assistant – has become a lifesaver to thousands of people just like you. With Pageonce you will:

  • Always have a clear financial picture of bank balances, credit card limits, investments
  • Never go over cell phone minutes or text limits again by getting usage alerts
  • Get Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Gmail all at the same time
  • Protect kids from inappropriate online contact & activity by monitoring their accounts
  • Track purchases from Amazon, eBay and Costco
  • Manage all family members’ frequent flyer accounts from one place
  • Know what’s coming next from Netflix and be the first to get the latest new release
  • Cure password amnesia forever by linking directly to all accounts from Pageonce
  • Defend against identity theft & online fraud by being aware of account statuses in real time
  • Avoid late fees by knowing when bills are due and paying them on time
  • Increase the security of your Internet accounts by assigning different usernames and passwords to each account and managing them from Pageonce
  • Have the ability to call customer service for any account provider with the click of a mouse right from

You should try out or atleast one time checkout their service and much more features available for you and you sure like it.

pageonce [via pageonce about]

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