Where I Can Get Desktop Client Of Pownce.com?

Question: Where Is Desktop Client Of Pownce.com?

Answer: Before pownce has only desktop clients for users. Nowadays they has 10+ desktop client version to use pownce from your desktop.

Below desktop clients links are given:

Flock – The Social Web Browser – Flock is a web browser, built on Mozilla’s Firefox codebase. Unlike any other browser, Flock is designed to connect users with their favorite friends, feeds, sites and media putting them at their own epicenter of interests and activity. Flock puts your Pownce friends right in the browser, so you can share and keep them with you as you surf the web.

Pownce IM – PownceIM allows you to communicate directly with Pownce.com through your Instant Messaging Client. Dont have mobile web? Use your AIM/Jabber account to post to Pownce. Example: send: message, public, Im using the PownceIM bot, it is amazing!

Pownce Monkey – Pownce Monkey is a desktop client for Pownce powered by Adobe AIR. To install, you will need the latest version of AIR installed on your computer. What sets Pownce Monkey apart from the official Pownce application is the extra media located in your stream. You can view videos, photos, and more…

Pownce Desktop [Official Version] – Get Pownce notes straight to your desktop with the nifty Pownce desktop application. Built with Adobe AIR, the application runs on both Windows and Mac and helps you stay up-to-date on all the latest stuff your friends send you on Pownce. Send your own notes and reply to notes too!

twhirl – twhirl is an Adobe AIR based multi-account twitter desktop client that allows cross-posting status updates to Pownce.

PownceFS – Fuse filesystem for Pownce files.

Handout – Handout is an application that allows you to upload documents to Adobe Share and then post them quickly to Pownce or Twitter.

– Posty is desktop application which allows quick posting to pownce, twitter, jaiku and tumblr. It also supports browsing of personal/public notes, and replying enabled for pownce and twitter networks.

Wayd – Wayd is a plugin for the Gnome Deskbar applet that allows you to post updates to Pownce, Twitter and Jaiku.

Plasma Pownce – Plasma-Pownce is a plasmoid that shows you a list of notes from your Pownce(http://pownce.com) account.

PresenceRouter – A Mac OS X application that allows your Plazes.com geopresence to be automatically mirrored in other web-based services (Pownce, Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, etc.)

[via pownce desktop apps]

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