Automatted Files Backup & Data Recovery Service By Comdo Backup

Comodo Backup which is providing free service for you. With a simple concept Comodo giving you free service. The most convenitent way you can backup yourself and also recover all of your files. If unluckyly you lost you files, harddisk crash, data missing, error, bugs, virus attacks or anything can be happen to your pc and you lost all of you valuable data and then you can get again backup from Comodo.

Auto synchronization which is most important. From your local files or folders you can upload all things automatically. Even you can change your files name to locally and that will be automatically again updated by Comodo Backup system. If you want you can setup time intervals too.

Doing copy, moving file and every changes will be synchronized and backed up by Comodo. Backup archive, schedule setup, incremental backup, filtering system enabled. Currently they supporting Windows XP and Vista and confirmation also reasonable.

Comodo Backup features are given below:

  • Easily backup files or folders anywhere on your computer, network, DVD-RW, CD-RW or FTP server
  • Files can be written to a multi-session DVD if it already contains a file with the same name
  • Email, FTP, zip and configuration passwords are stored in the registry with encryption
  • Protect yourself against ever losing those critical files that took hours to create
  • Quickly recover your data in the event of data loss
  • Schedule backups to run automatically at a time that suits you
  • Synchronized backup feature – save a file and it gets copied instantly
  • Send E-mail notifications to team members about the status of a backup job
  • Save Disk space by compressing your backups as ZIP files
  • Configure in minutes with our intuitive interface


Online Synchronized Based Secure [via comodo backup]

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