Create Cool Fav Icon For


Just recently Google changed their favicon and which is available in your browser’s address bar and size is 16*16. Around eight years they didn’t changed their icons but nowadays going to changed. Google needs more cool fav icons and which is good looks in mobile device or iPhone or any other devices.

Marissa Mayer explains about the changes of Fav Icons:

“The reason is that we wanted to develop a set of icons that would scale better to some new platforms like the iPhone and other mobile devices. So the new favicon is one of those, but we’ve also developed a group of logo-based icons that all hang together as a unified set.”


As well as currently google looking for public supports and if you think you’re creative or genius about creating fav icons, you can submit your fav icons for The last date of submit is 20th June. Start and do some fun works for


Google Says Icon Reflects “Simple, Playful & Unique Brand [via searchengineland]
The Story Behind Google’s New Favicon [via googlesystem]

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