Google Trends Enabled Approximate Numbers In Trends Result

Just recently Google Trends enabled numbers visibility in vertical axis. However, “These numbers don’t refer to exact search-volume
figures. Instead, in the same way that a map might scale to a certain
size, Google Trends scales the first term you’ve entered so that its
average search volume is 1.00 in the chosen time period.” [A new flavor of Google Trends]

On the other hand, Google Trends doesn’t show you the right numbers but they will track users search content and on basis an approximate number will be shown able. About that matter on official site they casted “Google Trends analyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how
many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the
total number of searches done on Google over time.”

And google trends help you to compare with a products. But How? “Google Trends is not only a fun tool; it also offers some practical
uses as well. Suppose you own an ice cream shop and don’t know which
flavors to serve, or suppose you’re responsible for stocking
supermarkets across the country; Trends can help you explore the
popularity and seasonality of your products. To conduct your own, more
detailed analyzes, you can now easily export Trends data to a .csv file
(a common format to import/export data), which can be opened in most
spreadsheet applications. When you use the export function, you’ll also
have the choice of using either relative scaling (what we’ve shown
here) or fixed scaling (scaled to a specific time range).” explained in “A new flavor of Google Trends“]


As well as when you sign-in to Google Trends, you can download CSV file
and without login it’s not possible and you will get an alerts “”You
must be signed in to export data from Google Trend”.

[via A new flavor of Google Trends]

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