Share PDF Files Through Google Docs

“I’d like to use Google Docs to share information in PDFs for
discussion & for download, especially (though not exclusively)
with those who can edit PDFs.”

“Hey Google! this is a serious setback. Why no PDF uploads?
Let’s get on this already.”

“If you’re listening O Great Google Demi-Gods, we supplicate
thee for PDF storage!!”

On basis of the request of users on Google Docs groups, Production manager Jen Mazzon casted a new post on google’s official blog. A new features enabled for google docs users. From now user can upload PDF files, share and as well copy paste features too.

Google Docs Tricks: You can download your Word files as PDF from Google docs. It has good quality and easy to download. Another one things, if your docs has active web links, the PDF files also make it as a active link. [I pasted the official news of upload pdf and tasted out – it’s working]

Upload your PDFs! [via official google docs blog]

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