Create Your Own Social Platform On

If you involved with – second largest growing social networks in web 2.0 and sometimes dreaming that “If I have a social network like this one“. It’s not possible. But, with the use of social network builder site you can create your own social networks with 5 minutes. It’s simple and growing community.

Skalfa which is well known eCommerce & social tech company and has privately held web-commerce and software development company. The main objective of their work is to building deep and insightful community-oriented applications.

Emil Sarnogoev recently informed me that “they has young and consists of 18 full-time professionals and working hard to hosting free social networks site with most convenient way.”

How this will work for you? Thousands of people belongs in web and that should be in different interests. If you love photos, photography or you wants to generate or built a social networks which is all about photos you can do this things free of costs on As well as you can get maximum features which can help you get connected to your social friends, profiles, editing, photos, mailing, activities, search to others, instant chatting and much mores funs inside


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