Web Based Lunarr Has Front & Back Side Version

Have you ever seen a web page two sides? Sure, not. From example: you working on projects and you got some resourceful information and you need to share with your colleagues now? What you do? Normally, you will open your mail accounts and you will login and then you’ll attaching your files or you will save the websites and then send to your friends. Your friend will do the same complex thing and simple waste of your times.

Visit any sites and flip to back page and mail to your friends:

Where Lunarr has great features which stand on three collaborative things. Create, Flip and share. You got your desired sites, just click to flip back page for mailing with attachments. When attaching again come to front page with clicking flip to front page. And when again work on the same sites. Don’t think you lost your emails or your created docs. All files will be saved and you can share with your friends too. As well as you friends can edit the files too and again do the easy things.

Doing projects, making for question and answer for students, managing debate data whatever you can your desired templates and also if you have before you created import to lunarr and start editing.

After doing your all works, you can checkout your mails conversations and linked docs lists, re-review again and also checkout the most recent accessed data’s. If you need to setup your profiles, need invitation, to get all contacts list whatever everything in one places.

Currently, lunnarr has beta version, if you need invitation you can request their or leave your comments. On behalf of you, I’ll forward a request to Hideshi Hamaguchi. Don’t worry Hideshi who is friendly and can solve your problems. If you have any more questions, you can share with developers and that can be improved.

See all of your works from once places and you can flip to your desired pages:

Select your desired templates for your works:

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