10 Best Free Email Service Website

Hundreds or thousands of free email service company available on web world. Also providing different types of features on basis of their capabilities and as well as user switching their mail address if they are satisfied or don’t feel secure about email service. Email expiration, space limitation, desktop email supporting and much more things a user aspect from a email service service company. Soon, we will cast a list of free email service with more details information.

  1. Gmail – Free Email Service
    Gmail which is most powerful email service and the best email service and providing you free service. Currently they has around 6 GB space with chat service from inbox. Also filtering, leveling, vacation alerts, web clips, powerful spam protection, sent mail archives, IMP service and much more funs. As well as, from gmail you can signin to AIM accounts and all things are ajax based. You can transer 17MB attachments files to your gmail friends.
  2. GMX – Free Email Service
    GMX which is providing free email accounts with 5 GB storage space and also supporting text, photos, music, videos, files sharing, Data reside on servers in a high-powered computer center, higly protected email security, regular backed-up, SSL Secured connection and guest accessing featured. Fully ajax based and both html/text format available, email archives, auto responding, filtering and much more things.
  3. AIM – Free Email Service
    AIM Mail, AOL’s free web based email service with unlimited online storage and powerful spam protection and user friendly email management system. You can chat with you friends from inside and also POP, IMAP features enabled. You can browse AIM from your mobile browser. AIM has easy calender management system, events, to do list creating also available in right panel. AIM has some limitation and sometimes ads annoying to users.
  4. Yahoo! Mail – Free Email Service
    Most recently yahoo emailed ajax based chat service from inbox and as well as rss features, read more emails without page refreshing. If you’re slow internet user, might be you have to face some problem. Also yahoo! junk mail service and currently they monetize every spam carefully and taking and blocked the spammers. Yahoo! has free Instant Chatting service or IM service and millions of user using everyday and continous stay on online, sharing files, photos, musics, videos and much more funs. Yahoo! has limitations that a user’s email address can expired if he don’t log-in long times.
  5. Windows Live Hotmail – Free Email Service
    Windows live hotmail which is providing free email service with 5 GB space and fast searching, solid security and supporting desktop email programs. As well as, ajax based service with filtering system, spam protection and signatures and much more fun.
  6. Inbox.com – Free Email Service
    Inbox dot also providing free email service with 5 GB storage. For more security purpose, if have to use your mobile phone for email accounts verification. They has filtering, not so powerful spam protection service.  But they has great limitation. If you don’t log-n long time, they will expired your email address and erase all of your mails and contacts. Also you will huge spam within a days and even slower to open the mail box and where people aspect faster email service without spam.
  7. Zapak.com – Free Email Service
    Zapak.com provding free email service with unlimited space and with rich interface. You can’t access zapak mail inbox with the use of IMAP. Folder organizing, email searching and ads attachments with every mails which sometimes annoying users. Zapak also famous for gaming zone and they arranging many games for their user to earn money to playing games.
  8. Rediff.com – Free Email Service
    Reddif.com which is providing unlimited storage with IM service. You can chat instantly from inbox, send SMS service, email alerts on mobile phones, email searching, bulk mail controlling, sent mails archives, spam reporting features enabled. Also you can use Briefcase 30 MB for files storage with POP3 access features. On right panel ads sometimes annoying users and also at the top of the mail, they using some ads which confused peoples.
  9. Gawab.com – Free Email Service
    Fastest and cool free service with 2 GB space and POP access enabled and Gawab.com has folder system and powerful spam filters. Gawab has no access in IMAP. Currently they as 5397494 user and much more inside Gawab.com
  10. BigSting.com – Free Email Service
    Bigstring.com which is providing free email service with 2 GB space and highly secured and as well as bigstring.com has not much more smart organizing tools for incoming emails. POP email features premium users and no messages leveling system.

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