Extensive Powerful Web Tools For Bloggers – Apture

Apture is a new extensive powerful web tools for bloggers which generate information from different platforms. A little pop-up links generate information from wikipedia, flickr, youtube, google videos, amazon, google maps. Apture doesn’t providing any types of advertisement on pop-up links and it’s just fire up your blogging experience and also dynamic interaction with your visitors.

If you’re bit experienced about Yahoo Shortcuts, but it’s not like that. It’s not underline below of your tests. Apture show different types of mini icon and which indicates what types of information holding the active links. The only one platform which combining the multimedia contents from different platforms and gathering one place and associating related media information and user can learn lots of new things within a click.

Floating widgets of Apture which is drag capable and it’s simply neat and clean and never create any effects to your eyes or your user don’t feel bore to use it. As well as, it’s loading time so faster then others. Currently it’s supporting WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, Movable Type, tumblr, Ning, Blogsome platforms. It’s nothing simply you have to use a java script based plugins for your site and which will generate all things free for you. If you like you can go for a trial apture and you like it.

Behind this Apture a passionite team working hard and hope soon they will updates more of its features and which opening new opportunity for anyone.

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