FlightMemory Can Track Your Flown Air Time

FlightMemory.com which is based on a simple worthy idea and start to tracking your flown time, allow to log-on to your commercial flights into a database and that will provides great statistics. If you like, you can track your spending air time, miles or kilometers you have flown, number of total flights, longest & shortest flights, map route locations, airports, routes, airlines, aircraft types information gathering for you. You don’t have to face any hassle, simply provide your airports locations and rest of the work will done by flightmemory.com

Below web ware’s Kent German’s exciting FlightMemory experience are give below:

“According to my profile, I’ve circumnavigated the Earth 16.47 times and I’ve flown to the moon 1.7 times. I’ve barely made it to the Sun but I doubt I’ll fly 93 million miles in my lifetime. My total flying distance is 410,056 miles, which translates to 39.01 days in the air. Yet that’s nothing when compared with my friend who is a flight attendant with United Airlines. He’s flown 3.56 million miles (that’s 14.92 trips to the moon) and has spent 10.93 months aloft. And he still has flights to record.”

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