Plusmo Providing Free Mobile Widgets

Plusmo which is providing free service and help you to make cool mobile widgets for your mobile phones. Currently this site has 20000+ widgets and from anywhere you can get the taste of Plusmo. You can do your more works on your mobile phones.

Through the Plusmo you can get the updates of your favorite websites, read jokes, comics, latest news aletrs, funny cartoons, to use search engines, shopping, images search, cache search, local weather tracking, traffic situation, zip codes, local news, gas stations, coffee shops, ATM booth locations, flowers shops, US college sports, pro football, pro baseball and much more funs.

Plusmo runs on maximum platform such as JSME, Windows Smart Phone, Windows PDA, BlackBerry and Treo Phone.  You can use browser to visit any sites and it’s detecting automatically. If you like you can instantly mobilize your blog sites.

Before to start Plusmo you can signup for an free account. You can signup through sms or email service. If you don’t get sms – direct visit at and download Plusmo clients for your mobile device. That’s it.

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