Automatic Social Bookmark Submission – OnlyWire

Around 40 or 50 social bookmarking website exist in web 2.0. Maximum social bookmark site generating high traffic and which is unbelievable for any blog success. If you only share your posts on social networks you will get thousands of hits within a short time and also get some regular readers.

OnlyWire which is free automatic social bookmark submission site. It’s simply based on your social sites. When you signup for an account, they will give you the chance to submit your 22 social network’s ( HTML clipboardBackflip, Bibsonomy, Blinklist, Blogmemes, Blue Dot,,, Diigo, Excites, Furl, linkatopia, Linkroll, Looklater, ma.gnolia, Markaboo, Rawsugar, Shadows, Simpy, Spurl, unalog, Wink, xilinus, ) user name and password. Don’t worry they have secure SSL connection. When you submit to your blog or website – OnlyWire will do the rest of works and spread your posts to all social networks.

OnlyWire strick about spamming and if they informed in any way that you’re spamming or mis-using the OnlyWire – you got banned or IP banned. So, it’s a great opperunity to use and spread your blog sites updates automatically.

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