Web Based Blog Readability Checking Tools

Blogger’s main works to posting new articles on his/her blog site. But some blogger don’t care of their English languages levels. That’s means “is it readable” or “is it hard to read” or “it’s quite impossible to read“. Some blogger using bombastic English on blog writing which is so tough to read and understood.

Liew Cheon Fong tells two rules and we should follow : . i) Simple Words, ii) Simple Sentences.

As much as as you make your blog complicated – the chance will increase to loss your regular readers. Becasue they understand that you have useful plus resouceful blog but don’t understand and start to skipping. However, don’t worry and you can checkout your blogs readability at The Blog Readability. This site recently launced and it’s really awesome and they spporting different types of blog platforms and automatically measures your blog readbility performances. It’s measurements can be 100 percents and I checkout this blog which showing “Junior High School” and sure you don’t face any problem to read this blog site.

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