Make Money With Scour – Cover Google, MSN, Yahoo recently launched which covering most popular Google , MSN , Yahoo search engine and when you search anything it will gather information from this three high traffic search engine. Currently you can search contents, images, videos. If you like you can make comments with specific any search results or hands up. Voting and points rewards enabled for for user.

If you like you can earn money through scour and which simply opening a new ways to earn money and generating more users in Beta version. You can checkout your profiles with points status.

Cashing out at a higher value saves both you time and/or effort as well as the Scour company for shipping charges.

  • 25,000 Points = $100
  • 12,500 Points = $50
  • 6,500 Points = $25 (minimum cash out)

Searches earn you one point, votes are two points, and comments are three points.  Up to four points can be earned per search through an accumulation of actions.  Repeat searches in the same day will not earn more points.  Up to 500 points may be earned per day for you earn on your own, with no limit on friend points earned per day.

The points system in place may have some drawbacks, yet is very advantageous as it is fairly easy to follow and understand.  Unlike other point systems, it doesn’t take months on end to meet the minimum payout – each point is easy to earn by completing daily searches, valued at about $0.0038 per point, which isn’t bad on a site that plans to really expand. [via scour ]

At the beginning when you download their toolbar for your browser, you will earn 150 points and it’s great inspiration for any users. Already they implemented Firefox, Internet Explorer Plugins and which can make your searching experience more faster. Also they working to developing Netvibes , Pageflakes , Google IG Search Widgets, Opera Browser , Mac OSX Desktop Search, Yahoo Widgets, Windows Desktop Search. You should try out and don’t forget to share with your friends. You will get benefited from your friends earning points.

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