Connect Your Domain With

One of the largest education based blogging platform where teachers, students, researchers, professors, librarians, administrators and everyone comes together and excahing knowledge. Just recently enabled a new features which enabled for user to connect their own sites with edublogs. You can make a connection with your own desired domain to Just login to your edublogs account and visit at Upgrades > Domains ”

“You can choose to do two things – first up you can choose to buy a domain through us and we’ll configure it automatically for you.

Secondly you can choose to map an existing domain to your current blog – so, for example, if you own – you can point it at your current blog by just changing the nameservers to and (you’ll get more information on that as you go through the process too).

And what’s more, you can even map subdomains! So, let’s say you work at Deakin University, you can get your tech people to set the A record on to – and you’ll be away!

All you need to get started is to buy some credits via the Upgrades > Credits (it’s 25 a year for a domain and mapping or 15 for your own domain) and show off your shiny new blog domain (remember to add it to your email sig!)”

Let the domains begin! [via]

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