Fastest Email Based Mirco Blogging Platform – Posterous

Do you have any experience about email based blogging? What’s this? It’s using great tricks which is really more funs then other blogging systems. Just directly mail to Automatically you will get another one mail to your inbox for free registration. Signup for an free account and you can get your desired url like as

Blogging through email: You’re busy about your official works and working on email – checking, mailing, confirming and so on. You can send a mail at You have done your blogging – because your header sentence is your blog title and email contents goes as a blog posts descriptions.

Profile Managements: You can manage a little profiles in right sidebar which is awesome to know you. Share your bio on your blog sites.

Audio Files Attachments: You love songs or would like to find all favorite song in one place. Just mail at and that’s it. You can later listen your favorite musics from

Flickr Photo Uploads: You like photo blogging – you can do more funs through mailing at and your all photos will be visible at your flickr accounts and posterous blog site too.

Messages On Twitter: With the use of posterous you can send messages to and it’s really funs. Your all updates shouts also go on your’s account with a tiny links.

Automatic Twitter+Flickr: If you wants, you can manage your works automated. You blogs header link or messages goes to’s account and your uploaded photo files goes to Photo blogging is easier then tumblr.

Blogging Through SMS: If you like to do blogging any where – you can do through your mobile phones. You can directly send sms and shortly your messages will be visible at your posterous account.

Instant Subscription: You can follow others activities and as well as others can follow to you. Within a click you can subscribe anyone.

Comments to other: Author can manage commenting system. Can comments “Is everyone, only members or nobody”. Anyone can leave their comments to your blog site.

Files Downloading from Posterous: You upload all of your audio files, images/photos and so on – later you can download your files. You can see every files size instantly. If you have images gallery you can download the full galleries within a click. Also you can control downloads.

Video Embedding To blog: If you like to cast your favorite videos at posterous – it’s so simple. Simply send your favorite video url through email. No codes hassle. Currently, it’s supporting Hulu, Brightcove, Viddler, Fliggo, Ted, Dailymotion, Mixwit, Youtube, Google Video, Vimeo, Omnisio, and JustinTV. So, covering maximum services.

RSS Enabled: You can read anyone’s posterous blog’s updates through rss feed reader. It’s really awesome in web 2.0.

Blog Status: If you wants, you can check your blog status from once place. Posted dates, editing, deleting, Views amounts.

Much more features inside and visitors counting, fav icon’s in comments, spam protection,  site url changes, profiles managements and so on. Enjoy and explore posterous.

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