– Change All Status From One Place is a exclusive social site that help you to maintain all of your other social networks from one place. Instead of log-on individually at twitter, jaiku, tumblr, facebook, pownce,Linkedin, LiveJournal, Mashable, Myspce, Plaxo Pulse, Kwippy, Hi5, Bebo, Blogger, friendfeed accounts, etc.. all you can control from You can setup all of your accounts at and you can manage in many ways. Such as, micro-blogging, bloggings, only status.

If you would like to send your messages from IM, you can enable your Yahoo IM, Gtalk IM, AOL IM, Windows Live Im. Just send your desired status this will automatically change all of your accounts status. if you don’t use official IM clients – no matter. You can use trillian, pigdin, adium, meebo, digsby or any secure third parties clients.

If you wants to add Google Gadgets on your page or facebook application – from facebook you can manage all of your works. Most impressive thing is that – you can change your status from your IM even facebook status too. has iPhone Web Apps, Mobile App version. If you like you can manage your works through email service. Tiggers customizing which can help to send messages right platforms.

[ now on beta version, if you need invitation – leave your messages we will send to you]

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