Who Will Be The Co Rank Of Twitters?

twitterWhen Digg announced last week that they will be launching a feature in six months, that will give users the ability to create their own custom Diggs. I started thinking about if in the future maybe there will be a new company that will be hosting custom free twitter website services for users real soon.

Now we all know the company Co Rank who launched last year and who gives the users the ability to create their own Digg clones for what ever they want them to be, but I am still surprised that no one out there lets anyone build a custom Twitter and host it for free. Well there is a company called Revou who lets people build their own twitters, but that cost money.

Mixx.com is now letting there users create their own custom Mixx communities, and Reddit also is doing some what of the same thing. Maybe in the future we will see Twitter doing this, but I highly doubt they will because if they did start allowing users to create their own custom Twitters, then users would probably be really pissed off if their own Twitters went offline for 4-5 hours.

Now I love Twitter, but there is no way I see them hosting several custom twitters in the future, when even their own website goes offline 4-5 hours at a time. Even if they try to host custom Twitters, I am sad to say it won’t last, just because if their custom hosted Twitters go offline for even a couple of hours. The users won’t be back to manage their Twitters or even try to be patient.

Now there is no one that I have seen trying ti become the Co rank of Twitters, but since there are several ways to create your own custom Digg these days, maybe in time there will be a service that lets you create your own Twitter hosted website for free.

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