Mobile Based Social Networking – Brightkite

Brightkite is a great service which can help you to share where are you? Like as twitter, you don’t have face “what are you doing“. On twitter, you can share your current activities through IM or web. But, Brightkite is different and through mobile phone or iPhone you can share your messages or current situation Thus when you posts your contents through web or SMS – your nearest people can see your location. It’s surf local locations and activities of your nearest peoples. For example you searched “NYC” – different types of messages you can see with different locations. Sometimes you can see zip codes, street address and also Google maps available to see the right location. Would you like to see who lives near with you?

Brightkite also enabled profile managing, social networks, social tagging, age, genders, your location, web url and some important information. Even, you can see others profiles too.

Some Cool features on Brightkite:

  • “Brightkite Universe” which is basically Twitter, except you can post photos.
  • “Visited Places” which archives all of the places you’ve actually remembered to update from
  • “Placemarks” which is actually a pretty nice feature that lets you bookmark places you may visit often or would like to visit
  • Mobile features that let you get pinged whenever your buddy goes to the Wal-mart.

So share your geographical location with your friends and get your others friends, make events, enjoy Adda. Let us know – what do you think?

P.S: Currently, Brightkite on beta, if you need invitation – please leave your comments.

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