How To Create Google Page Creator?

Now you’re going to create your own page at Google Page Creator. So, you have to sign-in to your accounts at This post only for those geeks who has active Google Page Creators accounts.

Site Manager:

You will see “Create a new page…” click on to link. Type your web page titles and go for more editing. Just in below you will get a drop down menu. Where you can create a duplicate pages, to delete a pages, unpublished, tell your friends and so on.

Supportable Files:

You can directly upload different types of files to your websites. Below given a list:

Category Formats
Images bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, png, tga, tif
Markup languages htm, html, xml
Miscellaneous pdf, ps
Music au, mid, mp3, ogg, s3m, wav, wma
Packed files lha, zip
Presentation odp, ppt
Programming code c, cpp, h, java
Spreadsheet ods, xls
Video avi, gvi, mov, mpeg, wmv
Word processing doc, lwp, odf, rtf, w

Start To Edit Your Pages:
If you like to edit your old one pages directly click to “Title Page” – which one you like to edit. Then you will WYSIWYG editor. Now type your title and give a sub title. Type descriptions and also type in footer sections. If you have basic knowledge about Microsoft Word – you can easily handle all of your works. You can bold, Italic, fonts, colors, bullets, size of fonts, alignments, images uploads, link generate, undo, redo, size of heading and so on. Also you can use shorts cuts.

All of your works will auto saved within a short interval. So, don’t worry. Work as long as you wants. But, you’re works will not published until you click on Publish Button (in Top – Left Hand). Before to publish you can see the Preview of your Works too.

Supportable Feature:
Google Page creator currently supporting Flash, Google Adsense, Google Video, Java, JavaScript, Java Stats, HTML Stats.

Gadgets & HTML Features:
If you have basic knowledge about HTML you can attach extra HTML codes. See in below “edit html” click to the links and you get a scope to input your own HTML codes which will create effetcs to your sites.

Gadgets also great. If you like you can enable Gadgets for your websites. Try to search some cool and relevant gadgets for your websites. Just click on top of the Gadgets – see the preview befow publish to your site. Automatically Gadgets & HTML will attach with your sites.

Templates Choosing & Layouts:
On right hand side you will see “Change Look” & “Change Layout”. To click Change Look you get 41 ready made cool templates for your sites. Just one away you’re – click on top which one like for your websites and automatically this templates will work for your websites.

To Change Layout it’s so simple. You will get 4 types of layout for your websites. One column, two column, three columns with header & footers. Click on top to select anyone Layouts for your websites.

Direct Web Developments:
If you would like, you can direct upload your HTML Files and make your websites just to make hyperlinks with each others. Soon, I’ll wrote more about it.

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