What Is Google Page Creator?

google page creator logoGoogle Page Creator is a free websites site powered by Google.com. Any user can create their Pages with the use of Gmail accounts. If a user has no basic knowledge about HTML languages or any other programming languages. Now, Anyone can’t able to open a new account at Google Pages but newbies can open at Google Sites.

Features Of Google Page Creator:

  1. Site Control Manager – you can control all of your work from one place such as, list of your created pages, creating titles, new page creating, page deleting, go for editing, direct uploading and so on.
  2. User will get free 100 MB space for per account. A user can open two Google Page account with the use of one email accounts. So, user can use 200 MB.
  3. At a time you can upload 10 Mb sized files to Google Page Creator. No more then 10 MB.
  4. 42 Cool web templates designed for Google Page Creator.
  5. 4 Different layouts which consists one, two, three columns with header and footer space.
  6. Auto-saving – when you working this will save your works automatically, thus you can’t lost your all works.
  7. Your desired unique subdomain such as http://techideablog.googlepages.com or http://joe.googlepages.com. But, when you signup at Google Pages – automatically your first account will be okay based on your email accounts. For Instance – your email address: joe@gmail.com and your GPC also http://joe.googlepages.com.
  8. Limitations in HTML, CSS, JavaScript editing. But, if you’re expert you can play more and explore more things.
  9. It’s not supporting any advertisements but on request you can use. Some user using and some are not.

google page creator

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