Comments To Any Blog Site From Google Reader

Millions of blog site around the web world. Might be you tracking hundreds of blog site or thousands or can be less. But, it’s so tough to visit this everyone’s blog – that why we tracking others updates through Google Reader. Now, you can share your comments from – Google Reader. When you’re reading you can directly share your posts. Just once click away.

You have to use Google Reader Preview Enhanced Greasemonkey Script and also Mozilla Browser and GreaseMonkey FireFox add-ons. After the installation you should restart your browser. When you’re reading any blog post through Google Reader – in below you will a new option – “Preview”. Just click on it and it will load the websites inside Google Reader. You can directly leave your comments, opinions to others.

I am not sure about one things – sometimes it takes time and sometimes not. I guess if your need if faster  then no problem. But, if you having any problem – it might be happen in many reasons – not proper installation, low net speed, old browser. Whatever, having face any problem just leave your comments.

Power Blogging Tips: Comment on Blogs From Within Google Feed Reader [thanks to lorelle]

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