AIR Based Meebo Desktop IM Messenger

Meebo – well known web based free IM service. From anywhere you can log-on to your Yahoo, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, hotmail etc accounts at the same time. Even you can do chat, adding new friends, instant conversations and much more funs.

Now, you can use AIR Based Meebo Desktop IM Messenger. That means, you can maintain your meebo accounts from your desktop through Meebone. It’s still in beta version but it’s great apps in many ways. You need Adobe AIR and then download Meebone. Just install it. You can login at Gtalk, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Meebo account and so on.

I checkout this apps and services and it’s working fine and you can save your pc speed. It takes less space and less speed then others. Hope this will work for you.

Adobe Air Marketplace [via adobe]

Meebone beta brings Meebo to your desktop [via downloadsquad]

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