Great Secrect Inside WordPress Dashboard one one of the most powerful and user friendly blog site – inside has Dashboard. Maybe you don’t know – how powerful it is. Or you know but unintentionally it’s helping you or intentionally it’s helping you. Have you think? How many things you can touch from your WordPress Dashboard? Many things individually. Let see what’s going on inside Dashboard …


When you’re log-on you will be redirect to your main page. Such But, from the Top Blackish Bar, From Left Hand Side Top – you can directly Go for New Posts, To Dashboard. Even, if you like you can directly checkout your today’s stats with a click. Need to edit your profiles  no matter Go for Edit Profiles, Tag Surfer’s page, To Main Page or Global Dashboard.

From Right Hand Side Top – you can directly subscribe any hosted sites updates. If you found any spam sites, or break the TOS of WordPress you can directly report about the site, Random Post surfing. In corner you see a Arrow – the most amazing things, start your random trips in whole Millions of blogger having fun with millions of things – so get the taste of others.


This section will be hidden in dashboard but click on Support Button. It will down a windows ‘in-front’ of your screen. If you having face any types of problem just search on category basis or if you don’t get any solution just Visit WordPress FAQ — where 80% of questions are answered. Even your desired information not available then click “Others” from the list. Tell your problems to them.

You can go for write or in manage section you can manage your posts, pages, drafts, privates, checkout blog stats, or change your settings, need to updates, Theme changes, Your comments, Tag Surfing, Blog Surfing and so on inside only this portion. We will wrote shortly more about it.

Through this portion – you can directly move for to make a New Page or New Post for your site.  Just below you will see the stats of your posts, comments, spams, Tag, Categories, Approved comments, awaiting comments stats.

In Below Recent CommentsLeft Hand Side – where you can directly see the most recent comments location based on your posts. That means – the posts will be visible – which recently commented by your readers.

Incoming LinksRight Hand Side – their you can able to see the most recent incoming links. That means who linked you – directly you can see the links inside from your dashboard.

Stats – showing you in graph with date basis. Through the graph you can easily understand your sites visitors amounts. Just mouse over and see the numbers. On Right side you can see the most popular posts – which one visited maximum time in entire blog site.

In it’s a great features. Your Stuff– here you can see your short cut activities views. Such you comments to others blog inside, you wrote a new posts, you write a new posts today, you got ping back and so on. In today, tomorrow, yesterday, this week, last week, while ago basis you will see all of activities.

On Right Hand side, that will show the News, Top blogs today, Top Posts from around, Fastest Growing blogs, Latest Posts. So, if you’re popular millions of visitors you can get with in a hours. Enjoy.

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