10 Things You Should Know About Gmail Email Service

Gmail.com which is powered by Google.com. One the largest and well known, highly secured email service. Millions of user using gmail service. Gmail has free and paid accounts. Gmail updating lots of new features based on users feedback. It’s still beta version – hope you like the list. In below see 10 things – might be you know and enjoying.

  1. Easy To Create A Free Account
    To open a free gmail accounts it’s so easy. If you wants to open a Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL accounts – lots of information you have to submit. Just to compare. I trackout and in shortest time you can open a Free Gmail accounts.
  2. 7000 MB+ Storage
    Everyday Gmail updating their email storge capability. It’s not 7000 MB Plus. Do you think – you can use the full space. Maybe not. Try out – if possible don’t forget to share with us.
  3. Send Upto 20 Mb Sized Attachments
    Every email service has lots of features but on attachments lots of limitations. Where through Gmail you can Send up to 20 MB files within a click. But, it’s not possible to send the files to your Yahoo, Hotmail friends. Better to invite your friends at Gmail and send them.
  4. Powerful Filter System
    If someone ask me – why you use Gmail? I have to tell about gmail’s filtering system. For instance, you have three jobs in a days. Family, Friends, Office. Lots of mail you receive. All of your mails will be separated and automatically mails goes to your desired level. So, no hassle to understand – what’s from friends & office.
  5. Safe From Spammers
    Gmail has great spam protection system. If any spammer attacks your email accounts or start to spamming. No matter, just select the mail and report for spam. You have done. Now, Gmail will care of the spammer. No mails you will receive from the spammer ever.
  6. Higly Secured & IP Tracking System
    Gmail has high security system for everyone. You log-on to your email accounts from office, home or from your friends house. Whatever, if you need to know – from which IP address you used, on which time – you can easily checkout. Easily you can understood that – you’re secured.
  7. Easy To Chat From Gmail Inbox
    You are accessing your accounts from Cybercafe- no need to download or install any messenger. Just log-on to your gmail accounts. Instantly you can chat with your friends from Gmail Inbox. It’s really great funs as because you can see when your friends typing words.
  8. Colorful Levels – Easy To Recognize
    Lots of projects in your hands. You can open new levels for every projects and select different types of colors for every levels. It’s easy to recognize which projects under which color. Easy to select and easy to sort out one projects from all of your projects.
  9. Gmail On Your Hand / Pockets
    If you wants from anywhere you can checkout your emails through mobile phone at
    m.google.com/mai. Send and receive mails to your friends.
  10. Taset Of New Features –  Gmail Lab Editions
    Based on users feedback upcoming new features you can get the taste from Google Lab Editions. Just go to settings and see the lab tabs. Enjoy.

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