Your Desktop Can Work For To Do List

Lots of web based and software based To Do List available in web. But, it’s true when you don’t have any internet connection you can’t use web based service for To Do list managements. You have To Do List manager – it might be taking your pc speed and slow down your pc. Lots of problem you have to face. But, if you like you can make your self hassle free.

How easy to make a To Do List which will be visible to your desktop – I am going to show you.

Just make a .html pages. You can save it on your desktop or any where. Whenever you need to upgrade your To-Do List you simply change on the .html pages through Notepad. After that on your desktop you can see the changes.

Now, you have to locate your To Do List (.html pages) which will be visible to your desktop. See the images and follow through the way…

Just go for to change your Desktop theme. Their in below you can see a Button “Customize Desktop” click and come to the Web Tab. You need to create a new one. So, click “New” and locate your files location. Press Ok button. You have done your To Do List which is now on your desktop.

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