– An Online Photo Album Covering Whole World

Earth Album – an online photo album based site which help to covering photos of whole world and using Google Maps and photo will be track down from It’s called Mashup.

Earth Album does not store any photos. It’s extreme powerful to show your desired photos based on keywords. When you click or move through Maps and based on your searched keywords lots of images will be visible in front of your screen. It’s simple and user friendly too. Within a click you can see the images with details information.

To get the full taste of Earth Album you need to ZOOM. After that you can see lots of cities. In before you see only country but you can surf capital or city basis. The popular photos will be visible and also it showing yellow bounding boxes – that indicating it’s most popular in You can type an address directly into the bar at the top of the screen and see the images of that locations. Awesome and more features you can explore at Earth

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