Get Social Notification From Belysio

Belysio it’s integrating social notifications and stay in touch with your friends through mobile phones. It’s based on a simple concept but it will gather powerful social networking experiences. From your mobile you can get updates of your friends, even your friends location locally. That means it’s location based and without a computer you can track down your friends activities. Just you have to open an free accounts and make your profiles, add friends and lots of features enabled. If you would like, you can trace cafes, restaurants, hotspots, theaters, pharmacies and so on. On your hand get daily news of BBC, Reuters, read newspapers and get today’s weather information. You don’t want to miss the Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Xing or Netlog all on your hand. It’s simple and now social networks on your hands. Just a click away and easy to find friends and sign-up for an free account and upload your photos, make your sweet profiles and enjoy.

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