3 Sites – Free Comments Feature Integration To Any Site

Disqus it’s enhancing javascript based plugins for different platforms. A WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, MovabaleType based blog site can easily integrate this plugins for their sites. When a user add Disqus on the website – user can moderate comments, to control spams, easy to removing comments, to track down real identity of commentators, easy to replies comments and site can be down but you won’t lose your comments.

Intense Debate, it’s enabled excellent blog commenting system and supporting WordPress, Blogger, Typepad platforms. It’s so easy to integrate and the outlook is smarter then any others. Inside dashboard, easily user can manage profiles, social profiles linkup, avatar en-ability, powerful spam controlling, easy to replying comments and without page refresh user can post comments with own identity. It’s faster and so smooth.

JS-Kit based on widgets and it can be great for any websites or blog sites. You have to paste some codes to your site and thus your friends can commenting to your site plus they can rate through the use of widgets. Easy to reply others and just few codes can do all things for free.

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