Rejaw Is Awesome Realtime Microblogging Platform

Hundreds of micro blogging platform available in web world. Some are really interesting, faster, real time with lots of new features. Rejaw is another one great platform but it’s not a clone of Twitter. It’s break the bound of 140 characters and on you can post 1000 characters but on kwippy has no limits. I tested and in main page it’s excerpting the contents but on permalink you will get the full posted contents.

Downloadsuqad‘s Lee Mathews said, “Shouts, whispers, and replies are posted to the Rejaw servers almost instantly, so what you actually get is a more like an IRC/micro blogging mashup than just another Twitter wannabe. The interface is nicely Ajaxed, and extremely responsive. Keep an eye on the status overlay at the bottom of your browser window, it’ll let you know when new shouts and whispers are posted. Everything you shout on Rejaw is given a permalink, which allows you to involve your friends in the conversation even if they don’t want to sign up. That’s right, guest posting is allowed. Privacy lovers rejoice!”

Mainly, it’s simple to shout and post something on your profiles, whispering and to send private messages to anybody and easy to following and so on. One specially track download-able that you can simply share your photos or videos. Just paste the url of images or videos. Rejaw will automatically embed to your friends pages. So, directly without leaving pages you friend can see your shared video or photos.

Rejaw has Dashboard, Everyone, Find Friends and search features. On search pages – you can use keywords and result will be based on shouts, whispers, and replies. On account pages you get the scope to switch openid.

For Mac user, Rejaw has 1 MB sized Rejaw Radar which is a desktop application that keeps you up-to-date with the latest shouts, whispers and replies on Rejaw. And also it has iPhone clinets which makes your more faster. If you like, you can use Facebook Apps for rejaw to shouting from your facebook profiles.

If you would like, you can send whisper or follow to me at

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