Without Download A Text File From Gmail – Go For Direct Edit Function & Share Through Google Docs

Google’s gmail service their you can send and receiving different types of files. If you friends sent you one .txt files, you can directly Open the the documents with the use of Google documents and see the docs in view and of course you can download the files to your hard drive.

But, if you would like you easily move to google docs where you can create, edit the .txt files and even you can share with your friends. Just click on “Open as a Google doccument“.

Shortly you will receive an email from Google Docs Team,

“You used Gmail’s “Open as a Google document” link to view the attachment called “opengiga”.

By doing this you saved an editable copy online at Google Docs: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=22charxxxxxxxx=EmailImport

Google Docs allows you to:

  • Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations online, from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Share documents with others, even collaborating on the same document at once, in real time.
  • Know that your documents are safe. Since your content is stored on Google’s secure servers, even if something happens to your hard drive, your documents are protected.

Even in later you can get the access to edit your docs and normally you can use all features which is enabled inside google docs. Enjoy.

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