Noteshuffle Helping Students To Generate Extra Money it’s an new websites where lots of school, college, universities students exchanging notes and generating money for them. For example, you friends done one notes in before to his/her university. Now they can upload the notes and set the money and you can buy the notes and that will work for you. You should pay at least for your friends hard works and you can do the same things to helping others.

Noteshuffle said, “ lets you do just that. If you miss a class, just log on and search to see if any of your classmates have posted those notes. You can also search for and buy notes from similar classes at different schools. Find the notes you need, purchase and download them to your home computer. It’s as simple as that.”

About payments it’s secure and all payments will be held by paypal and to signup at Noteshuffle you must submit your university email address. From school, college or university or any educational parts you can join and start to share your notes through

It’s so easiest way to earn money with old things and great way of exchanging knowledge.

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