Cligs Is Faster, Better Then Tinyurl

Cligs which is providing free service to make your desired url to shorting. A long url can be hard to remember but a short url easy to remember. TinyUrl handling nicely but it won’t track or provide any extra information. Such as how many people clicked/referred to your site from short tinyurl or some extra stats. Where Cligs giving you free stats information of any desired links. Just you have to submit the link and start to share with your friends or on your site.

Below Cligs Features Are Given:

  • Total number of hits
  • Referral statistics
  • Recent mentions of the clig itself on twitter
  • Recent links (mentions) of the clig on blogs
  • Recent web links to the clig
  • Recent mentions of the destination URL on twitter
  • Recent blog links to the destination
  • Recent web links to the destination
  • Delicious bookmarks of the destination
  • Total number of links to the destination

However, you can signup for an free account or start using without registrations. If you get register – later you can see all links stats and even analyze based on cligs. For affiliates referral purpose it’s working nicely.

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