Facebook Lunched Version 2.0 For iPhone Application

 Finally facebook launched version 2.0 for it’s iPhone application which brings facebook in mobile device and enabled lots of new features and now it’s available in Apple store. Now, it’s more easier to get connected with your friends.

Chris Messina has updated some screen shots where you can see the facebook iphone apps functionality. Also track down, Pete Cashmore’s sounds about Facebook and iPhone.

In version 2.0 you will get:

  • The home page now features a full News Feed, along with access to filtered views of the News Feed, like Status Updates, Posted Items, Live Feed, and Events.
  • Full photo tagging and posting is now supported.
  • Notifications are now accessible for the first time.
  • Profiles now have tabs, like the Facebook website redesign.
  • Feed comments are accessible both here and on the News Feed.

About this updates in before Joe Hewitt has  said official announcement on the Facebook blog  that, ”

The iPhone hasn’t even been out for two months yet, but it has already changed the way people think about the mobile web. Today we are taking our first step into that new mobile world with a new Facebook website designed just for iPhone at iphone.facebook.com.

Facebook for iPhone not only looks wonderful on that big touch screen, it makes it easier than ever to stay connected with your friends wherever you are. If you are like me you may find yourself updating your status a bazillion time a day once you have Facebook in your pocket everywhere you go. The site lets you search for people with just a few quick taps and call your friends directly from their profile. Facebook events become even easier with your iPhone, as you can quickly look up maps and directions on the go.

The iPhone site is the second in our family of Facebook mobile sites. If you don’t have an iPhone, check out the original Facebook Mobile at m.facebook.com.”

Facebook Launches Amazing New iPhone Application
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Facebook Rolls Out Version 2.0 of their iPhone Application – techcrunch [via]

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