Fuser Boosting More Features

In before we posted about Fuser that “it’s a free service that will help you to manage all of your emails and social network from one website. Currently fuser supporting AIM, AOL, POP3, Comcast, IMAP, Gmail, Hotmail (MSN/Live), Netscape, Outlook, Yahoo and SquirrelMail and twitter, facebook, myspace and so on.”

Officially they announced, “The new Fuser.com features a customizable background image, a preview pane for your emails,  logo identification of your accounts, and the ability to search your Email headers. We’ve also completely reworked our foldering system – now you  can move emails in Fuser to folders from your existing accounts, and you can create folders, too.   For example, if you create a folder in Fuser called “Italian Vacation” and move Yahoo, Hotmail and Exchange emails to that folder, Fuser will create the folder “Italian Vacation” at each of those accounts.  So now you’ll know exactly where your messages are whether you’re in Fuser or Hotmail. Check out all our new features now at http://www.fuser.com.” [via email]

I hope lots of people start to engaging them and start to using Fuser. However, lots of competitor service also available on web. No matter, if they can provide secure and user friendly service that will great in both side.

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