Private Social Networks For Family

Geni a private social networks based on family. Where you can gather your all family members information, family tree, history and expanding them within a click. Also, capable to enable family history, family photos, album managing, video, celebrating in occasion, anniversaries, managing events, easy to create profile for everyone. As well as, again expansion and all things will be happen privately. Only your family members will know about it – depends on you at all.

Geni has time line features which covering your family members events, birthday, death, divorces, education, weddings and so on. Where, lots of site I found – they has no time line. Also, you can track down in between of two or three months and prepare yourself for the events. Such as, your sister’s birthday on 11 October. You can find it from 5 September to 15 October. It will show your sister’s birthday inside of the search.

Inside Geni, In everyone so user friendly interface and easy to manage anything from menu bar. From Geni setting panel, you can change your profile privacy, permissions, blocking anyone, notification setup, managing profiles and so on.

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