Centralize & Synchronize All Your Contacts In Anywr.com

Anywr.com is a web based and mobile based system which centralizing and synchronizing all of your connect from different platforms and without facing any hassle you can get connected anyone from one secured place.

Lots of websites member you’re or using many applications such “personal e-mail addresses on Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, professional e-mail addresses and professional calendar on Microsoft Outlook, personal calendars on Google calendar and phone numbers on the mobile phone” but every application hasn’t internal connections. Every sites are different and updating site with their own way.

This site using information technology (SnycML) which will merge the information with all devices and applications. Which helping everyone to interact with another one and use your time for more productivity. Now it is possible to centralize and secure our information in one single place which can be accessed from anywhere. Killerstartups says, “The service is free except when more premium services are used, including but not limited to: synchronization with more than one mobile, auto-merge of contacts, and sending of SMS”.

Socialize your contact, access it from any where through Anywr
[via makteck]

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