Who Isn't Following You On Twitter – Catch With Qwitter.com

Twitter.com a great micro blogging platform and their you can follow others updates and as well as others can do the same things. But, when they stopped to following you? How you get idea about it and how to track? How is he/she?

Qwitter.com an twitter application which automatically email to you when someone stop to following you. A simple tool and easy to use. You have to submit your username and email address. Based on your username it will track all things and inform through your emails address. It’ll not use your email for spamming.

On email notification you will get the persona and his/her username and later you catch him/her and try to fix the problem. Atleast lots of people on twitter in different purpose. [via socialwebtools, useqwitter.com & killerstartups]

Like as Qwitter, FriendOrFollow.com another one service. It also tracking and doing the same things and this twitter apps develoepd by Dusty Reagan. Based on your timeline it will track and if your time isn’t public – it will not able to track and provide the information. DownloadSquad says, “FriendOrFollow is handy for discovering new folks to follow, adding people you might have forgotten, and dropping people (if you’re the type to ditch those who don’t reciprocate.) FriendOrFollow is a lot like another service that’s been around for a whie, Twitter Karma, but it’s faster and more reliable. Since there’s been more than one attempt to implement this functionality, there must be some kind of demand for it. Perhaps one day you’ll see it built into Twitter.” [via FriendOrFollow: who’s not following you back on Twitter?]

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