Google Integrated Calender And Docs In Gmail Labs

In before everyone we using Google Calender and Google Docs in different tabs. Now its integrated with Gmail and available in Gmail labs. Recently, Google labs announced about two new gadgets and this will allow any user to look on Google Calender appointments and also to check down the most recent accessed documents from Gmail Inbox.

From setting and lab tabs you can enable this new two features and both gadgets will be visible on left sidebar. Using another one lab features which helping to drag and drop – you can change the location of every gadgets. Also, send some gadgets in right hand sidebar.

Pcworld says, If you’re concerned with security though, keep in mind that not all gadgets are fully compatible with https, so the ones connecting to Gmail via https might get mixed content warnings. The Labs team said that it is “working on fixing this.”

However, this updates is awesome and which makes us more productive and easy to manage everything without leaving Gmail Inbox.

Gmail Gets Integrated Calendar and Docs
[via pcworld]

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