LinkedIn Applications : More Professional Plus Dynamic one the largest networks for professionals and helping to find better jobs. As well, you can input your resume and if any company searching for you they will catch you for the right posts. Also, you will get in touch with your co-workers in same networks or share your present jobs and so on.

Recently, LinkedIn Officially announced about LinkedIn Applications, they said, “over 30 million professionals on LinkedIn to communicate, collaborate, and share information even better than before.”. Also this will help to get better jobs in preset job markets

On the initial updates they enabled nine LinkedIn Apps and on the apps page, they said, “LinkedIn Applications enable you to enrich your profile, share and collaborate with your network, and get the key insights that help you be more effective.”

How actually nine apps makes your professional and showing that you’re better then any others? How it will makes the difference?

About this matter Readwriteweb’s Rick Turoczy said,

  • Prove you’re more well-read than any of the other candidates with Reading Lists from Amazon.
  • Share your portfolio pieces with potential employers or store that coveted letter of resignation with the file sharing of Files.
  • Put that girth of presentation material on your machine to work for you with Google Presentation and SlideShare or use the apps to take a “creative” approach to pitching a new employer.
  • Huddle Workspaces? Online job interviews. ‘Nuff said.
  • Show off your acerbic wit and unique insights with Six Apart Blog Link (which supports a variety of blog formats) or WordPress applications that bring your latest blog posts into your profile.
  • Well traveled individuals – or those who are willing to go where the company tells them to go – are always in demand and with My Travel by Tripit you’ll be able to show the lengths – literally – to which you’re willing to go.
  • LinkedIn even offers their own application – Company Buzz – that will help you determine the most appropriate companies for your to pursue.

Before to connect your wordpress blog or to share your slideshare’s or any apps you have to ensure that it will show your expertise and makes your more professional otherwise it can be hurtful. Whenever, you’re going to add an apps you should setup that properly as because the app’s action should be visible to your profile pages.

LinkedIn Applications: Your Resume Just Got More Dynamic [via]

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