Web Based Artificial Intelligent Gender Analyzer

Gender Analyzer an excellent web apps which helping to track “is the blogger owner is male of female”. It’s doing great and so intelligent. Amit says, “The logic behind the tool is simple but intelligent. It creates a local list of websites that have been accessed from the computer and then determines gender based on male to female ratio of uses on these sites. The men-women ratio related data is provided by Quantcast while the script Social History helps the tool access web history on the local computer.”

Gender Analyzer says, “Gender Analyzer figures out if a text is written by a male or female using artificial intelligence.”

If you’re confused about the gender and couldn’t able to recognize the geeks gender from his name you can try out this free service. Just submit the web url and it’s tell you “We think http://www.howwebstuffworks.com is written by a man.”

ProgrammableWeb. [via programmableweb]

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