Welcome To php inspiration [02-11-2008]

In 16/06/2006 I started my blogging at sakib.wordpress.com and moved my all posts at pageflakes.wordpress.com. Lots of things I did through this site and several times I changed theme, title, posts and editing, deleting and so on. Sometimes I get bored and I also did some crazy things. Maybe you don’t know but I know.

I actually using this for random purpose. Lastly, I bookmarking my favorite sites on sakib.wordpress.com and in before I posted about WordPress theme, i did bangla posts and so on. Three months ago I start plyaing with PHP and I lost my passions.

Now, I decided I should run in one way. If I start to run in several ways – it looks good but the final output -“i lost my life path – i am out of road”. But, I am not, I am not.

Whatever, I am passionate about PHP and I found lots of people changing the web world and their own life styles. Why don’t I? I’ll try my best to play a great roll and hopefully you will see something in next year.. and within next year i’ll fall in love of PHP. Please pray for me and leave your comments below and I always appreciate from anyone.

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