Domain Hacked

I am totally shocked to see that messages and afraid about it. One of my favorite site hacked and the domain transferred from GoDaddy to NameCheap.

Aibek wrote about this matter in details on temporary blog site and said “We are temporarily moving to this Blogger sub-domain for the moment because Make Use Of’s GoDaddy hosting account was hacked earlier today and the domain name,, was transferred by the hacker to another web hosting company based in Dubai. We have absolutely no idea how this was achieved but we are currently in full contact with GoDaddy’s fraud department to get our legal property back. Obviously this is deeply embarrassing for us but we will not rest until the domain name is back in our possession. We have all worked too long and too hard to watch it all slip away like this.”

In before I read something like that on David Airey’s blog site and same things happened again. It might be caused by Gmail and somehow the Ferank got and easily able to access everywhere and done successful the evil things. If you want to know more about it, please read the real truth behind the domain crack and I hope everything will be fine and shortly.

Thanks to Varun & Daniel Scocco for the posts

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