Random Things About PHP

PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor a great programming languages which helping to create dynamic websites. Not only it will make your site dynamic but also it will make interactive. Lots of new things and I am going to exlpore a little bit and more will come shortly. Stay tuned.

PHP which famous mainly in four reasons. It’s supporting cross-platform, html embedded, server-side and web scripting languages.

Cross-platform – If you’re on Linux or Windows no matter it will care of in both platform. It’s working nicely.

Html-embedded – You can write php plus html in both pages, that means you can write a mixxedup codes for the better execution.

Server-Side – This program run on web server and maximum web server supporting it and you don’t have to invest a single penny. Where, ASP – you have to pay extra charge for it.

Web-scripting languages – It supporting Internet explorer, Mozilla, Sarafi, Opera – all browsers. So, anyone can see your dynamic activites with the use of avobe any browsers. Is that fun? Huh! I think so.

I also searched about the growth of PHP. The creator of PHP; my dear Mr. Rasmus Lerdorf  (both we born in same date Novermber 22 – feeling so happy) wrote about it on “Do You PHP” (I am PHP) and tracked January 1999 to January 2004 and the grahp shows it going upward. Don’t forget to read the interesting interview with Rasmus Lerdorf & Interview Of PHP’s Creator. Their he wrote how he started to developing this great programming languages and some history.

Also, Netcarft said from their web server survey, “47,173,415 domains and found that 15,205,474 had PHP installed”. Horrible. Isn’t it?

Before to exciting myself about PHP, I am tring to get more information about PHP. How much people using PHP, the usages of Internet In PHP, growth rate of PHP, how many web servers using PHP, how many developers working for it, how many country using PHP and so on. I got an excellent php stats charts (march 2008 stats by Ecrit par Damien Seguy) and all answers in one place. Thanks to PHP Usage Statistics for March 2008.

However, I don’t get much more idea about OOP (Object Oriented Programming) but shorlty I will learn and know more of it. Now, I am reading Dave Mercer’s PHP 5. Thanks to all.

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