Error In First PHP Code Execution

In before I said you, I lost my passions about PHP but now I’m over excited about PHP and I published about it in last night. You can read more about random things about PHP.

I am on Chapter: 2Create a simple PHP Program“. Their I got a full instructions and if you write any php codes and save the file as .html – this will execute but you won’t get the expected results. I also read that, “a very common error you’ll find in your PHP code is the parse error“. Might be I did the same things.

However, I don’t know – what’s going on that codes (given below). It’s not executing properly. I saved in local server and closed all things properly and the file extension is .php ( I double checked).

The text here displays the date as a result of PHP5 processing: Today is

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll digg more on this codes. Until then if possible leave your comments and resolve this problem.

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